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Back and brand new

I returned from DC Saturday morning after a terrible flight with United Airlines. The seats are extremely cramped (this coming from me!), the projector was broken on an international flight (no movies!), and I was unfortunate to have an aisle seat where the chair was constantly being pulled on and the cart managed to hit it every time. A flight attendant also spilled salad on my shoes without letting me know, so I was slipping around with vinaigrette feet.

I am happy *scoff* to say I will be flying with them in a few weeks to New Orleans too. Yay…

Overall, my trip was more painful than anything. I came in Saturday and had to go immediately into work on Sunday, so I had no recovery. I couldn’t meet with some people I had to meet with, and my schedule wasn’t quite hammered out before I arrived, making me very busy some days, very bored others, and just generally in the way. But what else is new? *sigh*

So that’s the “back” part of the title. The “brand new” is the Web site itself! It has been upgraded, after much backup time until midnight last night, and I now have a DeviantArt plug-in on the sidebar! Fancy, eh? See my latest work without having to go to the DeviantArt Web site. 😉 I want to test a few more widgets in the future.