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An Event Apart

I have the privilege of attending An Event Apart next week, and I am looking forward to it for the most part. This is exactly the kind of conference I need to visit to do the job I need to do, and the best part is I know most of the speakers and own their books!

From this I hope to take away some fantastic ideas for improving the Library’s Web presence. I already have some ideas and tricks up my sleeve, but hearing and speaking to the best will give me better insight. The biggest improvement is the search I am planning to build. The idea was kind of squashed at my previous job, but I have total control over this one. 😀 It won’t be as minimalistic as originally planned, but I hope to make it very interactive and seamless while maintaining accessibility and usability. The process has already been hard and long, but I am determined to get a content management system and build a high-end Library Web site and Web catalog. I really want to use VuFind; the interface is very simple and elegant, and the features just keep coming!

The trip itself I am not looking forward to. I just made a trip back to the States two weeks ago, and this time I will be flying alone for a much longer time. I’m going to be so wiped! And as soon as I return, I start twelve hour training days (twelve hours because of bad transportation options). Jet lag and computer jargon crammed into my cranium. Sadly, I can’t wait until May is over! 😛

An Event Apart, here I come! 😀