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Die Kartoffel

Yesterday my brother celebrated his birthday by going out to eat at a nice restaurant called Die Kartoffel, which means The Potato. We sat outdoors, and had a great time. The menu was a bit more expensive (by about 8-10 euro a dish, but it came with salad, potato, and dipping sauces), and we ended up paying for both my brother and his wife.

I ordered “vernison filet”, and Herr had rumpsteak. “A Megh of Many Colours” also ate there and took a picture:

Copyright image.

I would have taken a photo, but I was told the camera wasn’t necessary (we saw a lot of pretty flowers though, I wish I had brought it!)… The venison was gamier than I had tasted before, so I enjoyed it with one of the sauces that was apple-based. Very delicious! The potato was very loaded, but very tasty. Even the tea was good! 😀

I would recommend Die Kartoffel, although be prepared to spend about 25 euro a person.