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They’re here! :D

And what a story… Tuesday night we were up after 11:30 p.m., then quarter to midnight receive a call. Someone speaking rapid high-pitched German to Herr as he tried to make out what she was saying. The dogs were in Frankfurt. A day earlier than we thought.

Neither of us slept well that night because the lady’s phone went dead and we had no way to find out what was going on. We called the lady who inspected our house at 1 in the morning, who told us not to worry and contact the lady from the airport in the morning. Thankfully, the airport contact was able to bring both with her back to her dorf (small town/village).

After a rough day at work, Herr picked me up an hour early to navigate him to the dorf an hour and a half away. Got a little lost, but the dogs were outside when we pulled up. Tommy is a ham and pushy for attention (not too bad). Ruby is reserved but wants attention too. The next thing we noticed was Tommy is still intact… this will need to be “fixed” soon. 😛 I know, bad joke…

On the way back, Tommy was very good with the kennel and laid down. Ruby insisted on standing though, causing massive sliding with every turn. After only a few blocks, I went back and let them out. Tommy jumped on the seat and plopped right next to me. Ruby was less sure but still wanted me to pet her. Thank goodness a co-worker let us borrow her van!!

The dogs were extremely dirty. We were going to wait until today to wash them, but it was very bad. I am very happy we have a spa room now! Tommy was first, and didn’t mind at all. Shaved, washed, and brushed. Ruby, on the other hand, does not like loud noises and ended up with a few shaved “spots” that will grow back I hope. 😛 Herr took scissors to her instead, which she tolerated. Both have many ticks and, I believe, fleas. We are getting flea collars today and will attempt tick extraction when I get home. I tried last night, but the dogs are a bit energetic.

Aside from those issues (I am very itchy, so I am certain they have fleas… I am going to need several hot baths the next few days), they appear to be housebroken and have some understanding of commands. They both go to their kennels, and after ten minutes of howling, we all went to sleep. 😛

Amusing pictures to come! Tommy is a bit funny (I think he was cross bred with a brown poodle or something), but Ruby is fairly purebred English cocker spaniel. Once she’s less shy, I’ll get some good pictures.