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I haven't mentioned the trip Hoyt and I took last weekend yet, but alluded to in previous posts. Saturday morning we decided at the last minute to go to Oklahoma City. It's about a five and a half hour drive, but we both needed to go somewhere. I had talked about going there for a while because a Six Flags is there and we have season tickets. When we arrived, we found Frontier City right on I-35. However, it is not considered an actual Six Flags… so I had to pay for tickets to get into this extremely worn and run down amusement park. We were both upset over the whole fiasco of charging us even if we had season passes, but we tried to have as much fun as possible. Too much country music being played though… oy…

We had enough fun there. The lines were very short, so we got on whatever we wanted. We can officially say we have kissed upside down in a loop while riding a rollercoaster though! lol How many people can say that…? We stayed the night, and on Sunday went to the National Monument dedicated to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The memorial was beautiful and left us both questioning why we don't have one for September 11… but read the previous post on that topic. 🙂 Several pictures I took are now posted to my DeviantArt account at kamuidestiny.deviantart.com.

We then walked around Bricktown, OKC's modernized friendly tourist attraction with brick roads, friendly shops, and an awesome canal with water taxis. Hoyt and I walked the canal instead leaving a favorable impression. Actually, a lot of OKC's downtown area is nice; the buildings are quite stylish. The art museum was next on the list. I was dying to see the British Museum's Egypt exhibit, something I had missed in Chicago and I believe Minneapolis. Ancient Egypt has fascinated me since third grade. I was surprised to see the most extensive Chihuly exhibit there as well! If only his glass artwork wasn't so expensive… *sigh* Check out his work sometime, it's awesome!

Sadly enough we were both exhausted with sore backs and feet after making our way through the museum, so we ended up scratching off the botanical garden as well. Bummer too because we drove right by it, but we made it back (after trying out a grand opening restaurant in Wichita, sushi!!) with enough time for me to get enough sleep for work the next day. I love traveling with Hoyt. 😀