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Churches and Hooters…

On Friday, we joined my brother, Lilo, and Mac on a trip to Neunkirchen to celebrate Mac’s birthday. Neunkirchen translates to Nine Churches, where it does indeed have several churches. It also has a Hooters. The irony is as thick as steel… just kidding. 🙂

In Baden-Wurttemburg, smoking inside establishments has recently been banned. Neunkirchen is, unfortunately, in another state, so we were surrounded with chain smokers. When I mean chain smokers, the buy behind me had four cigarettes in a row and several more after a “smoke break”… ha ha, I’m funny, I know. One of the ladies at the same table (they were all smoking) had an estimated seven or eight in a row. For anyone who knows me, they can understand how nauseated and sick I was feeling. It was absolutely disgusting.

Aside from the inability to breathe, I have to say the restaurant wasn’t too bad. I didn’t eat (I had a big lunch), but everyone seemed to enjoy their food to whatever extent… and three of us passed out in the back seat for the long drive back. Still funny to have a Hooters in a town named Neunkirchen though…