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Access to the Internet has been slim the last week, so my apologies for being “backed up”.

Last Saturday my brother, Mac, Lilo, Herr, and me hopped in the car to Ludwigsburg, which is about an hour south of Heidelberg near Stuttgart. A palace wasn’t too far away, but we decided to only walk the grounds instead of waiting two hours to take a 90 minute tour of over 60 rooms in english. The kind souvenir shop lady told us about a market that was only a few blocks away that we went to after looking at the gardens.

The market was fantastic! In one of the market squares, people set up several stands including meat and cheese stands. At the fountain, a choir boy was singing choral music. We walked around the market a while, with churches on either side and birds hovering around the steeples. We ate at a nice restaurant and walked around the city a bit, checking out a local mall before heading back up to Heidelberg.

Monday I did a lot of shopping to get more adequate shoes for walking and a few other miscellaneous useful things, such as an alarm clock… it was a good weekend, and we spent more money than we should have. Things will get better once we’re settled and are getting the stipends and paychecks…