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Earth’s Song

At LiveScience, a recent article titled “Earth’s Hum Sounds More Mysterious Than Ever” reminded me of a theory I came up with several years ago titled “Theory of Sound: A Sound Theory“.

When I first wrote down my thoughts, several people wrote pointing out that I do not understand the principles behind gravity, space, and sound. True, and still true today. I am very interested in reading more about it still, I am just not good with non-fiction. 😛 However, I want to point out that some theories don’t need to make scientific sense to be valid (or at least amusing).

Anyhow, some interesting parallels:

  • Earth produces sound
  • the sound is outside our audible range
  • Earth’s sound oscillates similar to wavelengths (or in a ring pattern)
  • Earth’s core is a large magnet that is somewhat spheroidal

Just some food for thought. 😉 To get really crazy, I could extend my original theory to say telekinetic or “flying” ability may be achieved if we could increase our own brain waves… or maybe using a musical instrument, eh? Go music! 😛 But don’t we feel “elated” when listening to certain types of music? Okay, so it is really far fetched. I still think it is amusing.