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Flowers and photos

Today was my first day of a three day weekend with perfect weather! Herr and I went on a four hour walk up the hill near our house, then walked the streets back. Along the way, we saw some beautiful spring life.

Rhododendron flower.

Rhododendrons are popular here and come in many colors. Ours are white, and we saw pink and purple on our walk today. We also wandered into a cemetery not too far away, and it was absolutely beautiful. Germans respect their dead, and the cemeteries are proof. We actually saw two cemeteries on our walk. The first was a war dedication for both world wars, and the second was for families with a shrine too!

Rhododendron flower.

We plan to do a great deal of walking tomorrow too (with mid to high 70s and sun, you would want to too!). Herr and I are both working on our portrait photography because Herr will be the photographer for my brother’s wedding in July. We’ll be doing a lot of walking with my other brother and his wife to do some practice shooting. 🙂