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You are not alone: An Event Together

Between the two conferences I have attended (the first being Internet Librarian), An Event Apart was much more relevant and useful for me. The speakers and content conjured creativity and provided insight to practical issues I am facing. My job is isolating (I am the only one who understands this stuff), but I met some fantastic people I can relate to in New Orleans. The event should be An Event Together. 😉

Among the people I met is Jeffrey Zeldman, one of the co-presenters (the other being Eric Meyer). I had the opportunity to share my code idea with him, and I think I got a positive reaction. It is appropriate timing for Earth Week; maybe this is something to add to Earth Week celebrations. 😉 takes the sustainability battle into my work; every little bit helps. It is another great incentive to use web standards and challenge ourselves to develop light-weight frameworks. Support energy efficiency by using code efficiency. It also generally fell under one of the top ten strategic technologies (I focus on the code rather than the hardware). I really like the idea, but I am not sure what to do beyond implementing it and creating awareness.

The conference was worth the trip. The timing was really good for the Library Web site redesign I have started, and I got some great ideas (many I am sure are years from possible, sadly). I really enjoyed Jason Santa Maria‘s Good Design Ain’t Easy and Cameron Moll‘s Good vs. Great Design. Stephanie Sullivan gave some very practical and useful tips; I almost wish she had a double session. 😛 I also liked Andy Clarke‘s presentation using comic book layout to solve content layout issues. what a character. 😉 My former co-worker, Goblin Cartoons, would have really enjoyed talking with him. After seeing Andy’s presentation, I should have taken Goblin’s comic book design idea to heart. It would have been awesome.

Once back in Germany, I’ll review my photos and might submit a few to the Flickr group. 🙂