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Brugge Chocolate Festival

The weekend of November 11-13 was the Brugge Chocolate Festival. Belgium is known for its chocolate, so it was imperative we see the latest trends in chocolate! On the way, we stopped by Wuppertal to ride the rails suspended over town and river. It was a unique experience, and economical to build mostly over a river than plow through the city streets.

Wuppertal Rail.

We stayed at a cute hotel in the historic Brugge center and attended the chocolate festival located in the Bell Tower the next day. Honestly, while we saw some fantastic chocolate artwork, it was just a series of chocolate stalls. We wandered the streets of historic Brugge afterward and found many fantastic chocolate shops sprinkled throughout the area. It’s a beautiful location with the canal circling it like a mote.

Brugge historic center.Brugge buildings.Brugge canal.

Nearby was also a flea market we spent some time wandering through. Overall Brugge is a pleasant place to visit and just take it all in. And it’s a great place for chocolate lovers, with or without a festival.