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National Novel Writing Month

I have started many stories over the past years, but most don’t get beyond the first twenty pages. My primary excuse is I dislike how Word or similar programs display the layout. I suppose I could manipulate it to shrink the page size and add margins… but instead I found a product called BookSmart provided free by http://www.blurb.com, a self-publishing company. I thought I would use this to try to alleviate my procrastination and to start writing again.

And what better a month than November, also known as the National Novel Writing Month! I am bad at keeping a writing routine, but this month I am going to try very hard to focus on at least one story (I selected my Thaw story). I may not meet their word requirement, but it is good motivation to pick up writing again.

I’ll share what I write at the end of the month. 😀 I encourage everyone to get it a try! I would love to read what everyone else writes.

Goodie Goodness!

Slacking in the updates, so I will make them brief. I spent Christmas down in Oklahoma; it was so wonderful to get away from all the stress! The best present was from Hoyt… a Canon Rebel XT with cute little carrying case and usb memory card adaptor. 😀 The big memory card just came in today so look out! because I am totally learning how to use this. :-p

The week following was engulfed with packing, followed by a move my colleagues graciously helped me with. I totally could not have done it without them, and even with the help I was out of commission for oh… two days… thank goodness for the three day weekend! The place is still in boxes, but Hoyt is coming up this weekend to help put the electronics together, yay!

Okay, and for the most recent super awesomeness! I had asked Shirotsuki. from DeviantArt all the way back in August if she would be willing to create one of my characters (I write many stories, do not finish as many though…) for a promising story. Today she posted it to her account. The character's name is Elanaii. I am so happy Shirotsuki was willing to work on this!

Not only did I get a great piece of artwork, but I got a lot of views to my own profile. What an awesome result! Oh yeah, and my airline tickets to Japan came in the mail today… do you feel the excitement building? Sweet!

Ho ho whoa… that's a lot of money…

Yes, let me tell you a story about the coming and going of money… Hoyt has spent a lot of money lately, buying himself an electric drill and a new laptop, eating out all the time… this has undoubtedly been stressing me out because, lo and behold, it is I who have to pay for all the wedding stuff, living expenses, etc. He's at least going to pay for the first month's rent at the new apartment (we move in little over a week, that's a whooole other bag of stress), and he won't even be a part of that.

But here's where I get even more stressed. The wedding photographer informs us we have to pay everything upfront. AKA, I have to pay everything upfront. So, cut a check for little over 600 dollars (cheap for a photographer, I know, but still a lot of money). That hurt, wasn't expecting it. Got that out today. So the airline tickets are lined up for the honeymoon, I am the only one who has been saving money. Guess who's paying? Me. So, transfer entire savings over to checking. Go to credit card to pay down 2000 just to put another 2000 on it. 2000 dollars, no more. Ask me how much Hoyt has spent on the wedding… I don't even go to the grocery store anymore because of all the money that I just lost. And he cannot even guarantee he has the time off yet. Want to talk about stress? I'm feeling it.

On a lighter note, after Hoyt's minor depression seeing our apartment all tore up to pack (I have been experiencing it oh, constantly, for the past month), I made my first rice balls. I like cooking, it was a good experiment! Of course, to keep the rice balls together they have to be molded while the rice is hot, so I burned the pads of my hands a little in the process. Not bad though; have to work on my technique so that doesn't happen again. Well, I ate too much home-made chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Me tummy ist not happy. *le sigh* (reference to Cute Overload 😉 ).

Pastwatch: the Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card

I had read the first book of Card's Ender series a few years ago, so I decided to pick this one up at the library. I was surprised by how plausible he made it, and how much history was tied in to make it seem like it may really have happened. This is one trait I absolutely loved about Marion Zimmer Bradley's writing (specifically Mists of Avalon and Firebrand). Realism is hard to come by in a good science fiction/fantasy book, but Card is able to make one feel as if they are reading a narrative of true events. He isn't just describing history, but through his main characters he discusses the birth of slavery, the origin of Atlantis, the flood stories, and what really destroyed the future of man among several other arguments his characters debate. I liked this book so much I probably would have bought it if I could afford doing so and could find it! I would venture to say this book is even better than his famed Ender series. An excellent book for someone interested in the past, future, and philosophical and historical debates about some of the most controversial topics of today. Or if you're a fan of Mr. Columbus, Card will remake him into a hero once again. Beautifully written. A must read, in my opinion.