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Two launches and a lot of work

We did the official launch of the new Web site on Monday and have been feverishly working on all the bugs and updates. It was tremendously scaled back, but it has received mostly positive reviews so far. All suggestions submitted through the survey have been considered for future development or put on my list of things to fix.


Then on Wednesday, we went ahead and launched a beta version of our Intranet. It is a greatly needed tool, but what a week! I work through this weekend (ugh!), but I am looking forward to Rome next weekend, good time for a break… 😀

Web site soft launch

I finally pushed the new Web site out to the public for feedback. I am aware of several bugs and haven’t gotten all the content up (even after all the functionality and content scale back), but Web sites grow and change continuously, and it was time to just do it. 😛

I only did a soft launch though, meaning the old site is still the current site and has a link to the new one. I will change it over completely the beginning of the new year (just to get a little more time to fix all the bugs).

I would love to hear feedback, suggestions, comments…. I had to do this without a content management system or calendar software (or any third party software as it is practically forbidden here), but the functionality I have in mind will come. I am working on it.

The new Army Europe Library Web site.

Receive Email Notifications!

For those who do not use RSS aggregators/readers to keep up with blogs and other Web sites, I have added an email subscription option! Please see the link “subscribe” in the menu. Simply enter your email address in and click “send”. Voila! You may also use this to unsubscribe, you know, in case I say something offensive. 😛

You will receive a verification email first, but after you confirm, a notification will be in your mailbox whenever a new post is made! Fancy eh?

Please feel free to provide feedback or suggestions to make your experience better! 😉 I would like to install more gadgets, I’m thinking polls… that would be fun, at least for me. Anyhow, enjoy!

You are not alone: An Event Together

Between the two conferences I have attended (the first being Internet Librarian), An Event Apart was much more relevant and useful for me. The speakers and content conjured creativity and provided insight to practical issues I am facing. My job is isolating (I am the only one who understands this stuff), but I met some fantastic people I can relate to in New Orleans. The event should be An Event Together. 😉

Among the people I met is Jeffrey Zeldman, one of the co-presenters (the other being Eric Meyer). I had the opportunity to share my code idea with him, and I think I got a positive reaction. It is appropriate timing for Earth Week; maybe this is something to add to Earth Week celebrations. 😉 takes the sustainability battle into my work; every little bit helps. It is another great incentive to use web standards and challenge ourselves to develop light-weight frameworks. Support energy efficiency by using code efficiency. It also generally fell under one of the top ten strategic technologies (I focus on the code rather than the hardware). I really like the idea, but I am not sure what to do beyond implementing it and creating awareness.

The conference was worth the trip. The timing was really good for the Library Web site redesign I have started, and I got some great ideas (many I am sure are years from possible, sadly). I really enjoyed Jason Santa Maria‘s Good Design Ain’t Easy and Cameron Moll‘s Good vs. Great Design. Stephanie Sullivan gave some very practical and useful tips; I almost wish she had a double session. 😛 I also liked Andy Clarke‘s presentation using comic book layout to solve content layout issues. what a character. 😉 My former co-worker, Goblin Cartoons, would have really enjoyed talking with him. After seeing Andy’s presentation, I should have taken Goblin’s comic book design idea to heart. It would have been awesome.

Once back in Germany, I’ll review my photos and might submit a few to the Flickr group. 🙂