I am finally going to start a project I have wanted to do for quite some time; it will run in tandem to my catalog design thread. Herr and I have unique dietary interests and needs, which has required some unique and challenging recipe hunting. I have worked to “clean” up recipes, removing dairy and processed sugars from them. I also do not handle spicy foods well, so I have modified recipes in this way as well.

I credit the original recipes where possible, as my changes are often not enough to warrant ownership. Also, all of the photos I have were for private use (printing them out to file in a binder), so I will credit them whenever possible and hopefully will replace them with my own photos some day. I have tried standardizing the format of each recipe to reduce cognitive strain via inconsistencies.

The ultimate goal for this is so I have an online, searchable, list of the recipes I use and can plan meals with, and that I can point Herr to when I am not the chef. I hope friends and family can enjoy it as well.