Peru: Lima (Day 9)

Up and early for our last day. Most of our belongings were packed, and we ate an early breakfast. We did a reverse trip of our first day and arrived back at the airport for the 11 a.m. flight. Unfortunately, when we arrived back in Lima at 2 p.m., none of the international flight gates were open yet, so we were forced to pay for luggage storage to go into town for a few hours.

After some haggling, a taxi took us to the Larco Museum, which is thankfully open late on Sunday nights. The museum is far superior to what we had seen already and also allowed photography. It houses a huge pottery collection and gold pieces, and it amusingly had an ancient erotic art collection. We ate dinner at the museum café, and the museum shop clerk was able to call us a taxi for a much more reasonable price.

At the airport, JJ was finally able to get some donuts due to a Dunkin’ Donuts booth. The three of them bought half a dozen to eat amongst themselves before the flight, so I wandered around some of the shops. Apparently the donuts were too Peruvian for their tastes. We boarded the flight, which was in the air through the night, landing in Dallas in the early morning where we went our separate ways.

Overall, the trip was good. The Amazon leg of it felt out of place after the first two parts, but I still enjoyed it. It probably would have been better as its own trip, though. Thinking back, we had tried to save money by removing one of the legs and staying in the Sacred Valley, but perhaps we should have kept the last leg and just gone to a different part of Peru such as Lake Titicaca or the Nazca Lines (I hear they fly over them in hot air balloons). A lot of experiences, many intense, and many scenic. And a lot of the food was very enjoyable.

I am excited to go on yet another trip soon, but once the coffers have re-established themselves.

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