So if you have visited this site anytime recently you may have noticed it has been a good while since it was last updated. Because of multiple events, it has been on a hiatus. The winter of 2012 I spent almost a fortnight in San Antonio, TX providing training to a colleague. Not long after returning to Europe, I accepted a job that relocated us back to the U.S. Months were spent packing and then looking for a permanent location. We bought our first house (and acquired our first mortgage… 🙁 ), and another few months passed as we unpacked, settled in, and handled our first few incidents as homeowners.

It was about this time that a big project at work really started to pick up steam, which left us gasping for breath once we launched in October of 2014. We were all fried and sort of floating for a few months as the dust started to settle, and we are now slowly starting to make some progress again. During all this, not much traveling could be done. Over the holidays we did manage to take an extended wedding trip though, so it’s time to start bringing this site back to life! Thank you for your readership.