October is already here! Is anyone else as surprised by that as I am? We’ve been so busy lately, I realize I haven’t even posted my actual blog of Scotland and Ireland… ooops! I will someday, but it almost feels moot at this point. Here’s what has been keeping us occupied.

The library I work at officially closed on May 31st. We will still be a region level administrative office and library support center, but we just won’t have books or be open to the public. We started the closing process, which involves heavy weeding, dispersing materials to other libraries, and tear down of library furniture. Over the summer our last two library technicians found other jobs, so we are down to six people. Closing a library is a lot of physical labor! It is also sad and depressing.

Herr started a new job as a deli salesman at the commissary in July. It’s great that he feels involved and useful again, but it has been difficult to keep up with errands and chores around the house. He can work up to 37 hours a week, and his work is mostly labor, so I find myself doing a lot of the basic cleaning. It was hard at first, but he’s helping again. Which is good because I am now doing double-duty at work. In the end, I feel bad for the dogs because they get shafted. They’re doing okay, but they don’t get out of the house and yard nearly as much as they used to.

In September I agreed to help with the larger organisation’s Web consolidation plan. I wasn’t aware that meant temporary detail again, but at least this time I was also given a temporary promotion. Currently, my duties are split between Web and Systems Librarian and Web Manager. Both are very much full time jobs, and I can say it isn’t easy. I work longer (unpaid *sigh*) hours simply because I couldn’t get anything done any other way. I like feeling appreciated and needed, but I am also very stressed out. The Web project is planned to be global though (Europe is the pilot), and that is really fantastic to be a part of. Again. 😛

Herr and I are also part of the upcoming Titanic musical. I was not keen on the idea, but they needed a cellist. Unfortunately, I sliced a finger open that never healed properly, which has made everything so much more frustrating. As far as I know, I am the only player in the cello/bass section too, so it isn’t as if I could turn it down or back out because my pinky hurts. I was upset to learn the musical runs through Halloween weekend though. What a bad idea! Who wants to go see Titanic the Musical for Halloween? My plans are effectively ruined. Grrr.

Herr is also doing sound for the play The Dumb Waiter. He bought himself a Mac laptop and some fancy music recording software. I would have just used Audacity (can you say free?), but I guess this can do more (from what I have seen, it doesn’t, but I don’t know much about mixing music :P). I went to see it last night, and it is funny. It’s only one act too, which is much easier to digest than a full out two act play.

Overall, my life feels out of control. I am cleaning the house today to feel better, but I am losing cello practice time to do it (I have never played for three hours straight before, endurance is problematic). This week we need to plant our flowers from Keukenhof. We’ll be tearing up everything, buying some nice stone and fresh soil, and planting the bulbs at a house we don’t own. *sigh* But at least it will look nice. We’ll be finishing up the autumn house decorations too. All my handmade decorations were destroyed, so we’re making all new ones. I am also doing research for the novel I am writing and feel really good about it. I am up to 27,000 or so words without going back and filling it out. 😀 Happiness!

Happy Autumn everyone! Hope everyone else is able to relax. 🙂