Abandon Ship!

Last weekend we started playing Titanic the Musical. I thought it was going to be a horrible theatrical show, but it’s actually pretty good. It has some sappy songs, but having a live orchestra on stage is an incredible experience. I was not prepared to play for three hours on stage, but I get most of it. 😉 Spoiler alert: yes, the ship does sink (surprise…); no, we do not sink it on stage (how the heck…); and no, Celine Dion’s song is not featured.

The second ship setting sail is sugar. That’s right. I’ve decided I’m cutting sugar out of my diet. Pffft. Good luck, right? For holidays, I’ll still have pie, but it’ll be the least sugary option. Makes me want to cry, but we’ll see how good I feel after a month or two. Hot chocolate, how I will miss thee!

We’re also going green cleaning. That is, I’m making our cleaning materials. These cleaning supplies are much safer for everyone and the environment. 🙂 Not that I don’t like getting high ‘n dizzy trying to clean the shower… I’ll just have to make do.

And finally, I’m getting pretty serious about going with a Mac. I nearly bought a used Mac Mini that was loaded with the software I’ve wanted for years. They sold it just before I got to it, but I’m still considering. Unfortunately, to upgrade my Adobe package (UPGRADE…), I have to pay 800 dollars. Then additional photo software is 300 dollars… and that’s just software (and not all of it). *sigh* Then I’m thinking about taking a digital sabbatical, so a new computer would be counter-productive. 😛

Can you imagine, no sugar and no computer/Internet (personal, I couldn’t stop using it at work unfortunately)…?

Oh, and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) starts next week! My goal is to finish writing the story I started last year. Woot!

Happy Halloween!