April in Brief

Although not over yet, April has been a busy month. We kicked it off with a trip to Spain while sick. The week we returned, we gave a four day conference (very difficult to speak lucidly with stuffy head). That Friday, I packed up for a week long stay in Garmisch for an IT conference that the library was involved with (I did a presentation at the last minute that seemed to go over well). Immediately upon returning the following Friday, I packed again to go to the Netherlands Saturday morning.

We just returned from Amsterdam a few hours ago and are ready to fall into bed (exciting after being on the road so long!). We have plenty of photos, so once we settle down I’ll post all the good stuff. 🙂

Saturday we have the Topper Awards (similar concept as the Tony Awards; since we were both involved in theater it makes sense to go), then another conference next week (local, but I believe I am presenting again). We are still slated to perform a cabaret and Little Shop of Horrors in May/June, and immediately afterwards go to Scotland and Ireland. Spring is a busy season for us this year!