Loose Ends and Things to Come

I realize I never posted how I did with National Novel Writing Month in November. I finally got a good technique down for writing. I was hopeful to continue writing after November because I have a good plot going, but I got some major curveballs. I opened my Christmas gift a month early so I could perform in Oliver! the musical. Herr purchased a full electric drum set, and less than a week later I was playing for the opening. To say the least, it was extremely stressful. We start up with performances again this Friday.

At work I was also stressed with too many projects and no one around. That means even more work for me. So when I did have time off, I didn’t do much. I got fat though, oh boy… stress eating and holidays, not a good combination!

In any case, my story was much more successful than last year with nearly 11,000 words in one month! I am not certain of the title, but for now it is “The Sensitives: Case of the Unfortunate Daughter.” Think of it as a Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Bobbsey Twins meets paranormal ghost hunting, detective work, and mystery (for teens). Set in 1904 on the East Coast with a wide range of characters.

I will load what I have to the Web site, and I will hopefully continue writing soon, now that Oliver! performances end this month. Herr has a main part in the musical Cats! this March, and we may be playing in the orchestra for Little Shop of Horrors (at least I’ll get some good practice with the drums before then). However, we are hoping to make this a year of travel, and do have some plans starting to take shape.

We’ll see how it all goes. 😉