Food Memories

We have enjoyed some good eats around town, and I threw together a list of current memorable eats that expanded into a more general memories of good eats. I have a lot more, but these are my current top ten:

  1. Vetters (downtown Heidelberg, Germany): swabian ravioli and apfelstrudel, Herr recommends the fleischpfanne and a local beer (ought to try the Vetters 33 at least once if you drink alcohol)
  2. Dubliner (downtown Heidelberg): Irish; the Irish Stew (made with lamb) and shepherd’s pie, my brother would recommend the farmer’s burger (it has egg on it)
  3. Hackteufel (downtown Heidelberg, Germany): Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup
  4. Die Kartoffel (Ladenburg, Germany): any potato with sour cream (or the variations available) with the veal to cook on a hot slab of marble (it comes with cranberries, pear, and three sauces)
  5. Fouquets (Champs Elysees, Paris, France): shepherd’s pie (Irish dish, go figure ;-))
  6. Food stand in Ueno Park (cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo, Japan): yakisoba noodles (fried noodles)
  7. Havana (New Hope, New Jersey): Havana Club sandwich
  8. Totogin (sushi conveyor belt bar, Nara, Japan): corn nigiri with butter sauce (I have never found this anywhere else!)
  9. Babcock Hall Dairy Store (Madison, WI): chocolate chip cookie dough, pumpkin pie, and peppermint stick (standards and holiday specials are all fantastic) – life doesn’t get much better than this
  10. Elephant Bar (Overland Park, KS): MisoYaki Fire Grilled Salmon

I also came up with my current list of favorite foods. This actually doesn’t change much, except when new foods are introduced, like rice balls in Japan.

  1. frozen fruits (primarily blueberries and pineapple); fresh fruit when the mood strikes 😉
  2. sweet potato (oooh, candied yams!!)
  3. onigiri! (rice balls, mostly plum and herb; and also just plain steamed rice)
  4. peas and corn
  5. hot chocolate
  6. fresh strawberries covered in dark chocolate
  7. shepherd’s pie
  8. Irish (lamb) stew
  9. ice cream (spaghetti eis!)
  10. spiral pasta (usually with a tomato viniagrette and peas or even spiral Mac and Cheese!)

For those who know me well, the list of foods I do not like is much larger than what I like. Needless to say, although not on my top ten and not really a favorite of mine, I am obsessive compulsive when eating candy. Best to keep it away from me… sugar highs can be very scary. 😛

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  1. “scary” is not quite the right word. “entertaining” maybe. it’s a sugary time of year!

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