Soup Season

We have had beautiful weather here, really gets one into the autumn spirit. I have been so entrenched in the new library system that I haven’t had much of a mind to do anything or really think in general. 😛 Luckily, the new system will be going live this week (OMG!), and then I can resume life again. Woohoo! I haven’t written in a while (the library owns my sooooooooul… okay, that was dramatic), so I will sum up life since August.

Herr and I enjoyed ourselves over Memorial weekend by going to Europa Park (I loved the rollercoaster that spinned like tea cups while going down hills) and used the open Monday to take another spa day in Baden Baden. We still haven’t made it to the public baths at Caracalla yet, so we MUST go back again. It is imperative. If you have seen them, you would understand. 😉 Sometime in the past few weeks we took a day trip up to Frankfurt for the Museum Uferfest as well. Otherwise life has been pretty normal. Not so many trips possible on my work schedule.

Last year I made my first big batches of soup and froze them for eating throughout the cold season. This year we’re doing it again (I say “we” because Herr is making most of them this year, I just don’t have time *sigh*). I have made my awesome sweet chili, Herr made our vegetarian corn chowder, and we have two more on the way: turkey wild rice and split pea soup. Yum yum! We scoop them into quart size baggies and freeze them for a rainy/snowy day. lol With the five quart sauce pan, I feel like a witch bubblin’ some sinister brew (often I can be heard cackling and saying “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…” yay for MacBeth!). Hopefully these four soups are good for storing. Last year’s were a bit iffy.

So, the project that has consumed my life… a few details! I have made some huge modifications to the Web interface, but not nearly as many as I have planned. People will actually be able to check their My Account (gasp!) and place their own requests, use the Web catalog AND our online databases from home (no way!!), make reading wishlists and offer purchase suggestions, and oh so much more! Those were the easiest things though. While I found the project to be quite manageable and engaging, there was a lot of political drama that made the whole thing a nightmare. I spent waaaaay more hours than I should have trying to make it all work, so I really hope everyone likes what we were able to whip up. 🙂 I’ll post links when it is up and running.

One brother is now in Korea and the other is scheduled for deployment to Iraq in spring. A lot of my colleagues at work have left as the library slowly closes. We just saw two more leave last week and one announced the acceptance of a new job back in the States. It has been emotionally hard, but that’s why we have Rock Band, Legos video games, and lots and lots of books. 😀

All in all, we are looking forward to the autumn season and Halloween. Bought a few new “spooky” Blu-Rays and I have part of my costume (although no actual plans yet…). Can’t wait!

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  1. Sounds like you are crazy busy Amy. I might have to share my Home made “White Chilli” recipe with you and my “Ground Chicken Meatball soup with Gnochi. YUMMY!!!

  2. Remember we watched “The Fog” on your parents boat years ago and at the end of the movie, it was actually foggy and it freaked us out?

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