Edinburgh Day 1

If you could go anywhere in Europe, Scotland should be it. It’s absolutely beautiful and full of fun loving people who speak English. We very barely caught our plane, but once there, I didn’t want to leave. Our first stop after finding our lovely bed and breakfast was for lunch at the Whiskey Heritage Center’s Amber Restauarant. Haggis! Very tasty. Mmmmm.


The Palace of Holyroodhouse resides at the other end of the royal mile, so we walked it, taking our time checking out the shops. The Queen stays there every summer; she wasn’t in residence yet, so we could still tour it. The palace was nice enough, but I really enjoyed the abbey ruins with the gardens framing the back of the palace.


We mozied back up the royal mile and had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, almost a ritual now while traveling. We have commemorative glasses from most of the Hard Rocks we have visited. We finished up the day by taking one of the many ghost tours. Cheezy but amusing, we walked through a graveyard at night and stood inside an old mausoleum after dark. Still don’t believe in ghosts, but maybe someday. 😉

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Day 1

  1. Haggis huh? None for me thank you since I have seen it made on TV. You don’t believe in ghosts huh? Guess you will one day when you have an encounter with one.

    1. Ha ha, I am hoping the day never comes. 😉 It isn’t that I do not believe in them per se, but because I haven’t experienced one I am blissfully ignorant. I hope to stay that way. 😀 I am writing a series about ghost hunters though!

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