Book Burning??

Remember the Salem Witch Trials? How medieval it all sounds now? How ridiculous fanatic people can become dangerous? Well, it is happening again, in the form of book burning. How very unAmerican; against freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The right to the pursuit of happiness, whether you like it or not.

Library fight riles up city, leads to book-burning demand

Seriously people. Burning books in today’s age is not going to get rid of “problems” you see in society. Information is accessible on the Internet via computers, cellphones, friends, you know, the world in general… even the news is worse than what a library book will have! Dead bodies and gun violence is much worse than reading about a teenager struggling with his/her sexuality. What are you going to do next? Ban televisions, Internet, and newspapers?

A library’s purpose is not to censor the world for your children. That is the parents’ job. The library is an information repository, first and foremost, and people need access to that information, whether you like it or not. People have lost their jobs over this, and seriously, pitchforks and torches are on the way. And it won’t be books they are burning but “alleged” homosexual people. I am sick and disgusted by West Bend citizens, and you should be too. Burning books is not going to make your problem go away. You want to take action? Learn how to be parents to your children and help them with their issues.

To the library at West Bend: for any book they burn, I urge you to buy two more copies of it. It seems there are a lot of people who need education in your town.

2 thoughts on “Book Burning??

  1. That is really narrow minded and an eccentric way of thinking to burn books. I can’t believe there are people in this day and age who are that blinded that they don’t realize what they are doing is pointless. What a sad waste of a book. I hold books in such high regard and respect them so that makes me sick.

    1. You should see my personal library, we need to buy more shelves with a large stack on the windowsill. 😛

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