When we first moved to Germany, my brother introduced us to many people and we made a lot of friends. It was a great help to have my brother here; he was able to help us settle in since he had already lived in Germany for several years. We had several barbecues over last summer, had some great times.

My brother and sister-in-law moved farther away shortly after that, so we didn’t see them as much. Then the first friend one left, and the next. In the fall, another one left. I found out about my disappearing job. Then the library director announced her new job. She left in March. My brother got orders a few months ago, and just last week moved back to the States. Another colleague at work just had her last day. And now two more friends are leaving for the States tomorrow.

Herr has been able to make some new friends going back to school and participating in the Sound of Music musical. For me, however, I just keep watching friends leave. Glad social networking sites exist, but I miss all my friends back in the States. In Madison, we had so much fun… I miss the terrace.*sigh*

Well, that’s a brief albeit not so happy update. Need to hold on tight to the friends I still have here. 🙂 Oh, and someday I will get to posting about Prague and Edinburgh. Someday…