April Summary

Really busy month, but I promise fantastic photos and stories coming. 😀 Just to summarize our recent adventures, since mid-March we have visited Paris, Luxembourg, Baden Baden, Wurzburg, Prague, and Edinburgh (throw in a week of work travel pour moi starting on Easter no less). I haven’t seen half the pictures yet myself! Just want to keep everyone in anticipation… just kidding.

Truth be told, I have been reading up a storm and avoiding computers outside of work as much as possible. Speaking of, I need to get back to my new reads now… Star of the Morning by Lynn Kurland, Da Vinci Code (the illustrated edition) by Dan Brown, and the everlasting Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (very far behind on that, yikes!). Ah, perfect weather for curling up with a book while soaking in the sun. Just need one of those elusive beaches… 😉

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