Month: April 2009

Dog Update

While my family visited, we tried a few things with the dogs so they wouldn’t be stuck in the basement every day. In Germany, dogs can go just about anywhere as long as they behave. Our dogs are still learning, but we decided to see what happens if we take them out with us.

Our first attempt was to Hohenzollern Castle. Despite some initial barking in the parking lot, they did very well walking up and around the castle. We even dared take them into the restaurant with us. They behaved like angels. We were able to eat without incident; the dogs just sat or laid on the floor under the table.

Hohenzollern Castle

In the car rides they whined quite a bit, but after our first stop at the castle, they were pros (this was at least two and a half hours one way). 🙂

Back to the Car

They did so well, we took them on the tram to downtown Heidelberg. Unfortunately, they were wound up (Herr usually runs them around the block before taking them anywhere but forgot to this time), so they scared a little boy with their whining and eagerness. It was embarrassing in the shopping area because they would not cease barking and whining, but by the time everyone descended from the castle for dinner they finally calmed down.

At the restaurant (and several bars), the dogs did very well again. When we first got them, I knew it was absolutely necessary to teach them table manners – that being we eat before them always, and they do not bother us or get food from us at the table. Seems to have paid off. 🙂

Ruby at Vetter

After eating and some drinks, the dogs were once again perfect angels. Our walk back was peaceful.

On the Old Bridge

We learned the dogs need a good run before we expect them to behave in public. Otherwise, they do very well. Definitely not at the point of “no leashes”, but quite a few Germans keep their dogs on leads.

I should have the trip details up soon. I just wanted to share how proud we are with our dogs. 😀