Saving Tips

So far I have been fortunate enough not to be affected by the major financial problems spreading throughout the world. I know I technically am losing my job, but right now I have alternatives (and I try not to think about it). I have some tips to help save money and hopefully some sanity during this trying time.

  1. Cancel cable. Cancel Netflix. Cancel Blockbuster. Stop buying books.
    Your public library can provide you movies and TV shows, music, books, research materials, activities, meeting spaces, and so much more. All for free (if you bring it back on time). Get your library card if you don’t already have one.
  2. No more eating out.
    Learn how to cook at home. In fact, plant your own vegetable and herb gardens. The food will taste better and gardening is something you can do now that you aren’t watching TV all the time.
  3. Use two cars? Learn how to use one. Or better yet, get rid of both or use one only in emergencies.
    We have lived without a vehicle for over a year. On occasions we need help (furniture moving, etc), we ask a friend. Use public transportation. Believe me, it’s cheaper, and that time you don’t spend driving you can spend reading or doing your check book balancing.
  4. Cancel gym subscriptions.
    Another part of giving up the car, you can bike a lot more! It’s cheap exercise. Learn to take walks; by yourself, with your kids, your pets, whatever. Walking is effective, especially when done regularly. Or, if you want real workouts, find some stairs and go up and down until you’re dizzy. 😛
  5. Go to bed with the sun and get up with the sun. Turn off all the lights you really don’t need on.
    Not as practical in winter, but with spring here, this is absolutely possible.
  6. As the weather warms, use natural cooling for the house.
    Learn how air flows through the house, and at nights open the windows, during the day close windows and shutters that let in the most sun to maximize that night cool air.
  7. Learn how to sew.
    Clothes can be easily repaired. Buttons usually come with a shirt, so all you need is string and a needle. You can learn many new skills to do things yourself, such as changing your own oil, minor electrical repairs, reaming a pipe… the sky is the limit. Search the Internet or go to your public library. 😉
  8. Cancel the cellphone.
    Keep a pay cellphone for emergencies, but you don’t need to be connected 24/7. Keep the Internet and get a VOIP (voice over Internet) service. We get our news, communicate with friends and family, and research with our Internet connection and Vonage (a flat $25 a month to anywhere in the States and some other countries). It is all a flat rate. No surprises.
  9. Make gifts.
    Take some of those new skills and make someone a gift instead of spending a good deal of money on something. It is more heartfelt, and you will feel better letting the creative energy flow. A gift of time together and laughter is good too.
  10. Think positively.
    Be responsible about your purchases, and always think positively about it. It does help, especially because it is easy to slip into a depressive state with money concerns. If you are feeling down, make sure you get it out by talking, keeping a journal, kickboxing… however you need to get those vibes out.

You will be healthier and happier, and saving a lot of money. I think the Obama administration is doing a superb job and working nonstop to make things right. Have faith and find some inner peace. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Saving Tips

  1. While I think its great that you share your tips on saving. I must say that these tips work great if you don’t have kids and you live in a metro area…however if you are like me and live in a rural area and have a child. No go there. The library here while has some nice selections is very censored and has limited variety in entertainment. My cell phone is my life line as Adam and I do not have a landline. I also get my internet through my cell phone provider since I live out in the sticks. For those of us who do not have the privilege of having a 9-5 job… I go to bed when I can and get up when my son does. Ha ha ha. 🙂 Nice tips though.

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