Winter is melting away into spring, and flowers are beginning to bud. I was able to photograph some early bloomers in our alley; I can’t wait until spring is in full blast! So many flowers, so little time.


On Friday, we went to a homecoming party for a friend’s husband. Although it was just R&R (meaning he still has to go back to Iraq), we were happy to finally meet him. They may even join us for our barbecue fast approaching, yay!


On Saturday we purchased 200 euros of gardening supplies. We always seem to make a sight carrying armloads of items back on the tram. Most of yesterday was spent gardening. We did major work and planted about 100 bulbs and a bag of grass seed. We need at least two more bags though; dogs do not encourage grass growth… and our dogs like to eat any healthy grass we do have. 😛

We will be doing a lot of cleaning over the next week. I am looking forward to a quieter week at work, although I will be giving two presentations (one a performance) and training someone for at least half a day.


While spring is the big change, there is more personal change a-foot. I have been quite mum for a long time. My library is closing, and my job was cut. I have a few options, but it has not been easy. With both brothers in the Army with high chance of deployment, the economy not so well, and being the only income, stress has become a very close acquaintence.

I am doing fairly well considering, and Herr has been very patient and supportive. He has had three relatives pass away in the last three months, so I know he hasn’t had an easy time as well. We both know a change is coming, but what it is is still to be determined.

For now, I am just looking forward to more travel, flowers, and warmer weather. 🙂

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  1. amazing photos! you are making the best of it, i can see. lemonade from lemons, my dear, lemonade from lemons;)

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