Rome: Giorno Tre

Our final day in Rome was dedicated to the ruins. Our first stop: the colosseum. Beautiful weather, and hardly anyone around! We passed Constantine’s Arch on our way to Palatine Hill, part of the Roman Forums. Absolutely beautiful, and we were able to see the interior of an ancient Roman house (parts of it were preserved, so they let small handfuls of people in at a time).


We made our way down the hill after a breathtaking overhead view of the ancient forum, then went to mingle with the ruins. At this point, a tour guide would have been a great idea. There was so much that looked interesting, I should have read up on it! On the other side is a war memorial that towers over the ruins, so I caught some dramatic shots with the storm clouds rolling in. Trajan’s Column was across the street, with the marketplace ruins beneath it.

Ancient temple.
Ancient marketplace.

At this point we were uncertain what to do, so Circus Maximus came up. The weather was turning, but we even found the Boca de la Veritas (mouth of truth) church that was made famous by Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Circus Maximus was sadly disappointing… it really is just a flat patch of dirt. With it finally raining, we went towards Termini station where we would depart for the airport. Along the way we found the best restaurant, just a block south of the station, called Pastarito (Pizzarito). We had sooo much pasta we all hurt, and it was cheap! All we could do at that point was drag ourselves around the train station for a few hours (our feet hurt too) before heading out.

The only points of interest I would have liked to visit (aside from more shopping) are some of the catacombs and the Baths of Caracalla. Keeping a note of that if I ever find myself in Rome. 😉

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