2 on 2/2

We had our second anniversary just last week, I can’t believe it has already been two years! We had originally planned to go to Baden Baden (spa city), but we made reservations too late to get what we wanted. Instead, we went downtown and tried a new cafe, then spent a lot of money getting power tools. Oddly enough, they are still in their boxes…

Herr needed them to make my anniversary gift though. A new computer desk! Now to get the new computer… in regards to the marriage, I think we have been lucky. I think we are doing better than when we first married. Our family has grown significantly with Tommy and Ruby, and even the fish. I do miss the simpler days though.

In any case, we have had two great (and busy) years, and I know we will have many more to come. Just need to keep Herr farther away from dairy. *shudder* Anyone ever try tofu ice cream…?

Oh! That reminds me. Here is my order of favorite ice creams as they currently stand:

3. Babcock Dairy ice cream, Madison, WI
2. Spaghetti Eis, Germany
1. gelatto, Italy