Year of the Cow: 2009!

Chinese New Year is a month away, but for us Westerners, we are now in the year of the cow. πŸ˜€ My brother and Rie came over with a turkey, which we added 2 stuffings to as well as cranberries, mixed veggies, and pumpkin pie.

Okay, we didn’t factor in the whole coma-inducing turkey problem with the meal, so around 10 p.m. we were all having troubles. πŸ˜› Luckily, the subject of zodiac signs came up, and we all were very amused. I am a water dog, which I have to say I am fairly proud of. πŸ˜‰ Here is an excerpt of the water dog :

β€œWater Dogs are real charmers, easily attracting friends and colleagues into their inner circle. Handling the ins and outs of human relations is so easy for them! They know how to smooth over any personal situation with their kind, honest, easy-going nature. Always empathetic, always rational, their ability to play Devil’s Advocate helps open up whole new ways of approaching problems and finding solutions. Their views on life are expansive because of an ingrained wanderlust which has taken and will continue to take them to exotic locales about the globe. They adapt like chameleons to new environments and new people and their lives are all-encompassing, full of rich adventure .” http://www.tuvy.com/entertainment/horoscope/water_dog.htm

Herr is a metal monkey:

β€œWhen Metal Monkey says no, that’s it! They are so strong, so individualistic, and yes, so stubborn, you can talk yourself into the ground trying to convince them to change their mind. They won’t budge! But when all is said and done, you admire them for their value system, fortitude, soaring ambition, and tremendous success. Success, after all, is not wishy washy. And Monkeys know the meaning of hard work! What fun the metal monkey is to be around!”

Anyhow, about an hour away from midnight, we could hear the sounds of fireworks from every direction… and it became more frequent as midnight closed in. With catawba in hand, we stepped out the front. Everyone was lighting big fireworks off! What a show too! After a while we went up to the second floor and watched through the skylights. It went on until about 1:30 a.m.

Resolutions for this year:
1. read more literature regarding my profession
2. the better resolution is to be cuter! This involves improving my personality and body, so I hope I am up for the challenge!

Herr’s resolution is to have more patience with the dogs. Tommy doesn’t listen and Ruby is still scared of him. Then again, she’s scared of most people. πŸ˜›

Happy New Year everyone!!

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  1. GOOD LUCK to the both of you on your new years res. I really didn’t put one out this year . just too many areas I really could improve. or try to adjust

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