Project Perfect Library Web site

I have finally decided to research and determine what the perfect Library Web site is. Let me preface this by saying, there is no such thing. Doh! Great way to start right? Let me rephrase that. There isn’t a universal perfect Library Web site. Each community is different and has different needs. We have several different types of libraries that perform different functions.

Despite this significant flaw in the project, I do believe there are certain elements that can make a perfect Library Web site. I have an idea about it already, but I will start with researching and analyzing what already exists. My first step is to identify Web sites that really are doing it right. LibSuccess’s Library Website Hall of Fame is a joke (yes, I am opinionated!), but it has a lot of libraries on it, so I will go through that whole list. I already have ones that aren’t on it. The list I come up with will not be extensive; there will be Web sites I find that fit my standards but may not be included.

I am pretty excited about this, so cross fingers I stay on task! With everything that is happening right now, I can easily go the way of La La Land. Hee hee… sorry, already lost in La La Land… I will make a list of elements I feel are of extreme import. I am very picky, so be prepared. 😉