Operation Perfect Library Web site: the list

This is the list of Web sites I will be analyzing (so far) for my pet project. They are chosen for unique elements, not necessarily for the interface design (is Hennepin ever going to redesign??). Anyhow, if you feel there is a Web site I overlooked, please let me know! I’ll briefly outline what it is that initially caught my eye.

  1. Oakville Public Library (Oakville, ON)
    Bibliocommons. I want it. I can’t have it. Look how nicely it integrates onto the Web site… look how it creates a community. *sigh*
  2. Vancouver Public Library (Vancouver, BC)
    Nifty “add to homepage” feature for My Libraries. Go to the library location and click “remember this branch”. Oh, and the icon-y goodness…
  3. The European Library (Netherlands)
    Search all Europe? Sure, not a problem! Search collections by topic? Okay! Move from one section of the Web site to another without losing your results? Most definitely…
  4. Europeana (European Union)
    Similar to the European Library but includes realia as well. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I am intrigued.
  5. Harold B. Lee Library (Provo, UT)
    Mmmm… portal-y. All the major research tools on the main page! Who would have thunk? (Note: still in beta)
  6. California State University San Marcos
    Research databases. I am not overly fond of it, but does pretty well.
  7. Ann Arbor District Library (Ann Arbor, MI)
    All the blogs blogs blogs blogs… despite an incredibly horrible navigation, I like the one interface design that seamlessly integrates the catalog and events calendar into all those freakin’ blogs.
  8. Darien Library (Darien, CT)
    This recent Web site gave me my epiphany about the search box. Major step forward here, but I greatly improved it. If only I could implement my design…
  9. Hennepin County Library (Minneapolis, MN)
    Let me repeat: redesign the Web site!! For heaven’s sake… *sigh* In any case, love the bookspace and search results page on the nameless “what the heck does this do?” search box. Not the cleanest, but the concept is intriguing.
  10. Johnson County Library (Overland Park, KS)
    Bias kicking in, sorry… but there are some good innovations. The NoveList search integration and booklist display are particularly nice. Separate teen and kids styles are better than most I have seen.
  11. Stockholms Stadsbibkliotek (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Yeah… I can’t understand a word of this, but I have been told it may be the first and only real 2.0 Library Web site. Can anyone tell me why…?

Some of my snarkiness came out there, I apologize… when it comes to Web design, I can be downright crude. In any case, those are the ones I found today (and some I had in mind). If I missed something, please let me know! Of course, my new Web site has some nice features, but it mostly resembles JoCoLibrary until I get the proper software to make it what I actually have in mind. Army pains… *shudder* If you think you have a problem with bureaucracy where you work, let me share some stories…