Christmas and the Alps

Herr’s parents arrived the Saturday before Christmas, and they kept busy. Three Christmas markets (Deidesheim was first and best, Rothenberg, and Heidelberg) for the first three days. On Christmas Eve, I prepared the goose before we took a visit to Heidelberg Castle then rode the funicular railway up to Koenigstuehl (a peak). It was foggy, but it made for dramatic effect. Afterwards, my brother and Rie joined us for roast goose, candied yams, cranberries, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes with apples and thyme, and a King’s Roll for dessert.

Heidelberg Castle.

Christmas Day was very happy. I have a brand new bike (woohoo!) and some great new jewelery among other things. Herr seems to like his gramophone and was overall happy with everything he received. It was a good day. 😀 We just munched on leftovers from the day before because on Friday we left for the Alps!

If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort; the staff was incredibly friendly, we had mountain view rooms, the food was awesome, and the huge fireplace with rocking chairs in the lounge set the mood. We walked up to Neuschwanstein Castle, walked Partnach Gorge near the 1936 winter Olympic stadium, and went up the Zugspitze, also known as the highest peak in Germany. Awesome!! Right before we left, I got a chocolate massage too. 😛 I smelled like chocolate and peppermint all the way home…

Cable car.

Herr’s parents left for Spain the next day, which made me jealous! However, we have our next trip planned already… Rome!

Hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas!