Web site soft launch

I finally pushed the new Web site out to the public for feedback. I am aware of several bugs and haven’t gotten all the content up (even after all the functionality and content scale back), but Web sites grow and change continuously, and it was time to just do it. 😛

I only did a soft launch though, meaning the old site is still the current site and has a link to the new one. I will change it over completely the beginning of the new year (just to get a little more time to fix all the bugs).

I would love to hear feedback, suggestions, comments…. I had to do this without a content management system or calendar software (or any third party software as it is practically forbidden here), but the functionality I have in mind will come. I am working on it.

The new Army Europe Library Web site.

3 thoughts on “Web site soft launch

  1. HEY, looks awesome…. from what you had to work with, I found it user friendly and computer illiterate persons can comprehend.


  2. Really nice, clean design and code. Functions really well. I like it. And I really like the widgets and the drop-downs. Good work puu.

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