NaNoWriMo results

Well, I have to say I did not do as well as I hoped I would quantity-wise, but I do believe the story is coming together nicely. Although National Novel Writing Month is technically over, a few of us at the library are thinking of getting together to keep up the motivation.

Honestly… I haven’t worked on it in three weeks (eeep!), but then again, I haven’t worked on much of anything except work. Lame excuse, oui, mais c’est vrai. In any case, the 3400 words I did write I will make available on my Web site, a chapter a week. Hopefully that will also be good motivation for me to get moving while I am still ahead. 😛

So, the story I chose to write is called Thaw. It is a coming of age epic of a young girl, Elanai’i, who is raised to fulfill a prophecy that will make the will of the heavens known. Okay, so the story is a bit far fetched, but hey, that is what you get when a feminist fantasy fiction reader writes a story…

Available is the first chapter (don’t worry, they are short chapters). Enjoy…