National Novel Writing Month

I have started many stories over the past years, but most don’t get beyond the first twenty pages. My primary excuse is I dislike how Word or similar programs display the layout. I suppose I could manipulate it to shrink the page size and add margins… but instead I found a product called BookSmart provided free by http://www.blurb.com, a self-publishing company. I thought I would use this to try to alleviate my procrastination and to start writing again.

And what better a month than November, also known as the National Novel Writing Month! I am bad at keeping a writing routine, but this month I am going to try very hard to focus on at least one story (I selected my Thaw story). I may not meet their word requirement, but it is good motivation to pick up writing again.

I’ll share what I write at the end of the month. 😀 I encourage everyone to get it a try! I would love to read what everyone else writes.

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