Let it snow!

Yay!! Snow has fallen, although mostly melted… we got some snow in Berlin on Saturday (after rain and every other element), then got some more back home on Sunday! Just enough to whet my appetite. I want snow! The cold weather stuck around though, so we are getting frosts every morning, and the dogs don’t stay out very long. We haven’t trimmed their fur for a while so they stay warmer, but they are turning into ragamuffins!

We’ll be a small group for Thanksgiving this year, but we are planning to have a second Thanksgiving Friday in Frankfurt with Herr’s colleagues. Food food food and snow snow snow! 😀 I miss having lots of snow… *sigh* Anyway, once we get through all the pictures we took in Berlin (about 600…?), I’ll put up a post with some photos. Until then, I hope everyone has a fulfilling Thanksgiving week and an upcoming white winter! 😀 Oh the Christmas music will begin soon… hee hee!