Month: November 2008

Let it snow!

Yay!! Snow has fallen, although mostly melted… we got some snow in Berlin on Saturday (after rain and every other element), then got some more back home on Sunday! Just enough to whet my appetite. I want snow! The cold weather stuck around though, so we are getting frosts every morning, and the dogs don’t stay out very long. We haven’t trimmed their fur for a while so they stay warmer, but they are turning into ragamuffins!

We’ll be a small group for Thanksgiving this year, but we are planning to have a second Thanksgiving Friday in Frankfurt with Herr’s colleagues. Food food food and snow snow snow! 😀 I miss having lots of snow… *sigh* Anyway, once we get through all the pictures we took in Berlin (about 600…?), I’ll put up a post with some photos. Until then, I hope everyone has a fulfilling Thanksgiving week and an upcoming white winter! 😀 Oh the Christmas music will begin soon… hee hee!

London Bridge is falling down…

Actually, London Bridge is in Lake Havasu (and I’ve seen it!). It is the Tower Bridge I saw last Tuesday. 😀

Krug and I took a day trip over to London. We didn’t get to see much, but we still had fun. Ryanair lands about an hour outside of the city, so we bussed in near 2 p.m. The first item on the agenda: Hard Rock Café. We walked through Hyde Park Corner and discovered the British also celebrate Veterans’ Day. The Corner has several war monuments, and they were covered with red flowers. The Hard Rock was a few blocks away, and we soon found out it was the first Hard Rock complete with Eric Clapton’s red guitar.

We then went to see Hairspray the Musical. I haven’t seen the movie, but the musical was hilarious. If you’re looking for a feel-good comedy, I recommend it.

The next day we went straight to the Tower of London and took the hour long guided tour. We had a great time, aside from my choice of footwear. We made it in to see the crown jewels (the Star of Africa looks fake it is so big!), and visited the White Tower, full of armory goodness.

By the time we crossed the Tower Bride, my feet wanted to fall off (never ever ever wear high heeled boots when sightseeing…), so we went right to our next destination post haste: the London Dungeon (Krug is a fan of horror). It was interesting enough, although some of the facts were a bit sketchy… my impression is it was fun but way overpriced.

From there we caught the tube to the British Museum for high tea. We hadn’t eaten much, but we couldn’t finish the finger sandwiches or desserts. Feeling pretty good, we explored a bit of the museum before we had to leave. I wish we had more time there, I hadn’t realized it was mostly free and had so much cool stuff!

Another lesson learned on this trip was flying while congested is the worst. I had acquired a nasty cold the Friday before, and I am actually still battling it now. Hopefully it will be mostly gone before our trip to Berlin this weekend! If I have time though, I would like to get in another trip to London and its surrounding area. 🙂 Two thumbs up for London!

More photos:

National Novel Writing Month

I have started many stories over the past years, but most don’t get beyond the first twenty pages. My primary excuse is I dislike how Word or similar programs display the layout. I suppose I could manipulate it to shrink the page size and add margins… but instead I found a product called BookSmart provided free by http://www.blurb.com, a self-publishing company. I thought I would use this to try to alleviate my procrastination and to start writing again.

And what better a month than November, also known as the National Novel Writing Month! I am bad at keeping a writing routine, but this month I am going to try very hard to focus on at least one story (I selected my Thaw story). I may not meet their word requirement, but it is good motivation to pick up writing again.

I’ll share what I write at the end of the month. 😀 I encourage everyone to get it a try! I would love to read what everyone else writes.