Army Strong

Seven years ago, I remember walking back from my morning class to have my roommate tell me the World Trade Center and Pentagon had planes fly into them. It was the first day in many years my school canceled the rest of classes. I remember being confused about why we went into Iraq when those responsible were in another country. Honestly, I am still flustered over it.

Not long after, my brother joined the Army. It was really hard by that point because I knew he would go to Iraq under the Bush administration. I asked him to wait, but he eventually deployed to Iraq. Of course, from home you can only think the worst things. He came back a little different, but it wore off.

Less than a year ago, I accepted a position with the Army as a civilian. For me, the job offered a great challenge and experience living outside the country (and Herr really wanted it). I thought maybe my motivation could make a difference, a positive change. So far, I haven’t accomplished anything to make that last sentence true. I hope to, still.

And now, just a few days ago, I found out my youngest brother has enlisted. He leaves for boot camp next week. At first I was angry. I had tried to dissuade him against it, seeing what happens here, how families are torn apart and divorce is incredibly common. What scares me most is what would happen if McCain became the next administration. He speaks a lot about war. Even though he has been a part of the current Congress, he has done little to improve the situation. And though my youngest brother will be assigned a better field than infantry, I don’t want to go through the emotional stress again. Now, when I think about it, I just cry.

So please send your good wishes for my youngest brother, his little girl, and his new wife. I hope his wife will understand my brother’s sacrifice and be there for him. So many aren’t strong enough in the end. Army strong.

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  1. I still recall the day when my then-boyfriend, soon-to-be-husband told me he was joining the Army. A strange combination of admiration at a man taking responsibility for his life and trying to make a path to the future. And blinding fear and concern for his safety. Sometimes, you just have to trust. My thoughts are with your family.

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