Andrew Carroll

The library here had the pleasure of hosting author and editor Andrew Carroll. I was able to attend his last lecture, and found it worthwhile. His area of expertise is in military history and specifically in personal accounts of the wars. Very relevant here, and he was a great speaker.

Afterwards I was invited to join him and some other people for dinner. I was torn on the matter, but in the end I was curious to see what conversation was like around a table of literature folks. Sadly, I am very shy meeting people, so most of the time I was awkward. He is a very cool guy though, I am just rusty on the social scene. We spoke mainly about entertainment and literature, as well as politics. A particular topic was Palin’s fiasco over banning books and firing people. Makes sense for the company around the table. 🙂

It was a good experience, even though I felt like a terrible drag. I am glad I tried it out, but I don’t know if I’ll be hanging out with the next big author that visits… unless I am more acquainted.