I haven’t said much about work, but I can guarantee that it isn’t from a lack of things to talk about! Quite overwhelming most of the time, but I am doing what I can. Just to sum up, here are the current “in-progress” projects:

  • Web site redesign (about 30-35 people)
    •    project management (lead)
    •    primary content editor
    •    developer and designer
    •    usability test designer
    •    IT head for acquiring necessary software
  • Web catalog enhancements (just me)
    •    improve current functionality (“My Account”, holds, search, efficiency…)
    •    research software enhancements
  • Intranet development (just me)
    •    development
    •    content editor
  • federated search

Well, those are the big ones off the top of my head at least. Needless to say, I am fairly busy. Not sure 50 or 60 hour work weeks would help. 😛

I am very excited to get some of the projects done and have that feeling of accomplishment. Most of my current projects I hope to have most of the work done in two or three months. Just need to keep on truckin’.