New and Improved PS3

That’s right, after many days of calling, we finally got an answer on the PS3. It came back on Tuesday, still broken.

So… we were given two options. Get a full refund or purchase an 80GB for an additional 100 dollars. First, I have to say, they were nice about the situation. Technically, the store shouldn’t have taken it in for repairs, so they ate the cost of the old one when it was unrepairable. In the end, we took the 80GB (from a 40GB) and came out ahead. Now I have two PS3 controllers, and it came with Metal Gear Solid 4. Those two items together cost approximately 100 dollars, so the upgraded console was free. 😀

It’s nice not having that problem hanging over us anymore, and we finally get to watch the blu-rays I received for my birthday. Yay! 🙂

Oh, details on the trip will be coming in several parts. I have been waiting for the photos and plan to work on them this weekend. Almost over the jet lag now… 😛