Month: August 2008

Home Trip Part 2: The Cottages and Leaving

From there, Herr drove thirteen hours to his family’s cottages near Lake Michigan. As a quick side expedition, we stopped by Bond Falls to give our legs a stretch (and get a HUGE ice cream cone).



Upon arriving, we were given the porch room, most aptly named for its former life as a porch. It is screened in on three sides on the second level of the cottage, providing a commanding view of the family cottage area. The lake the cottages reside by was having its annual sailboat race, of which Herr’s family participates. Herr gave me my first sailing experience (my family does power boats). Our time there was much quieter, a welcome relief to everything that had happened so far. Herr took me to see some of his childhood haunts before we took the twelve hour drive back to the airport.


The trip back wasn’t bad (aside from the general nastiness of flying). We arrived sleep deprived after the night drive with the threat of another storm. However, Minnesotans are much hardier than Pennsylvanians (and the storm just missed the area… :P), so the flights were on time. Back in Germany, however, we could not get on a direct train unless we sat around for a few hours. After 48 hours of no sleep, I wasn’t too happy. We ended up taking the great circle route home and crashed for most of the weekend. The dogs were very happy to be home with us, but they weren’t too keen on how much we slept. 😛

Home Trip Part 1: Arriving and The Wedding

Flying is never fun, but this topped the list of worst flights for me. Lufthansa was striking (luckily, not international flights). After trouble with excess baggage (we packed one suitcase instead of two, bad idea with all the camera equipment weighing it down), and several other troubles, we landed in Philadelphia to catch the connecting flight. However, we flew right into a storm.

The flight was delayed for nearly four hours before getting canceled around 10:00 p.m. I should mention a republican convention was being held in Philly and 50% of flights were already canceled before ours. No hotel rooms available. We “slept” in the terminal (you can’t sleep in terminals, believe me). We eventually made it to our destination, but we were much worse for wear.

The wedding went over much smoother than I anticipated. We had some initial drama (bachelor party, then a freak storm the morning of), but the Rose Garden was in full bloom, the sun was out, and the weather overall agreeable. Herr had a good time as the photographer, and I tailed him taking photos with my brother’s camera to capture candid moments. They couldn’t have asked for a nicer atmosphere. The two are now hitched! Congratulations to them! 😀





It was good to see family again. I was sad to have to leave so early (everyone else was going on a trip to the islands, no fair!), but it was time for us to depart on our second leg of the trip.


I haven’t said much about work, but I can guarantee that it isn’t from a lack of things to talk about! Quite overwhelming most of the time, but I am doing what I can. Just to sum up, here are the current “in-progress” projects:

  • Web site redesign (about 30-35 people)
    •    project management (lead)
    •    primary content editor
    •    developer and designer
    •    usability test designer
    •    IT head for acquiring necessary software
  • Web catalog enhancements (just me)
    •    improve current functionality (“My Account”, holds, search, efficiency…)
    •    research software enhancements
  • Intranet development (just me)
    •    development
    •    content editor
  • federated search

Well, those are the big ones off the top of my head at least. Needless to say, I am fairly busy. Not sure 50 or 60 hour work weeks would help. 😛

I am very excited to get some of the projects done and have that feeling of accomplishment. Most of my current projects I hope to have most of the work done in two or three months. Just need to keep on truckin’.

New and Improved PS3

That’s right, after many days of calling, we finally got an answer on the PS3. It came back on Tuesday, still broken.

So… we were given two options. Get a full refund or purchase an 80GB for an additional 100 dollars. First, I have to say, they were nice about the situation. Technically, the store shouldn’t have taken it in for repairs, so they ate the cost of the old one when it was unrepairable. In the end, we took the 80GB (from a 40GB) and came out ahead. Now I have two PS3 controllers, and it came with Metal Gear Solid 4. Those two items together cost approximately 100 dollars, so the upgraded console was free. 😀

It’s nice not having that problem hanging over us anymore, and we finally get to watch the blu-rays I received for my birthday. Yay! 🙂

Oh, details on the trip will be coming in several parts. I have been waiting for the photos and plan to work on them this weekend. Almost over the jet lag now… 😛