Birthday recap

This year was one of my better birthdays. A colleague took my closing shift, so in the afternoon everyone wished me a happy birthday with some cake then I went home to open gifts! I have quite a few blu-ray movies and the Indiana Jones Lego game now! Of course, I have to wait until the PS3 is back, but that should be soon. Hopefully. 😛

We ate at Giardinos (Italian) and walked the dogs over to the ice cream cafe. Luckily, Herr’s big gift was to arrange an exercise room! Yay! After all the goodies (and two more bbqs in the next three days…), I seriously need it. It’s set up with the elliptical, the television, and a DVD player. I nearly killed myself yesterday watching a movie while exercising. A quick jump in the sauna then shower afterwards, and I’m good!

I have been jamming to the Across the Universe soundtrack, tried reading Hans Christian Anderson in German (very funny Herr, ha ha…), wearing my new fancy bracelet (have to figure out how to put a barrette in my hair, yeesh I can be clueless) , exercising, and looking forward to movie mania and the lego ball! Thank you everyone! 😀