So, I went to check my work mail and saw FedTech and Computers in Libraries. On the cover of CiL is “The Secret to Patron-Centered Web Design.” At this a scoffed and said “like a librarian can tell me how to do Web design better than me.” Okay, not quite like that, but I thought I would take a look at it for giggles. Lo and behold, in big letters, is my former boss!! I was like “no way!” Yes way… it is an article all about the usability and design of the JoCoLibrary Web site!! Now I have to read it. 😛 I did not see my name mentioned *sigh* but my awesome colleague has a picture!

So, a front page feature and seven page article in CiL. Freakin’ awesome!! And right now on the Library’s home page is a picture I took too! Sweeeet… (feel free to leave guesses to what one it is 😉 )I just wish I could get the Web site here up and running, it’s just taking so long! Anyhow, congratulations to my fabulous colleagues at the Johnson County Library! 😀 I miss them!!