Dog Update Week 1

It has been little over a week since Tommy and Ruby joined the family. In the last few days, their personalities have started to come out, and I have found myself quite stressed. This was probably the worst timing for the dogs to arrive and Herr to be in training.

The first few days I felt relieved. People friendly and mostly dog friendly, Ruby shy, Tommy the ham. They were both okay with kennels, Ruby was okay with the cone (yes, she has a cone on her head and does a good lamp impersonation; her wound from being fixed wasn’t healing correctly), both put up with each other.

They are getting worse though. Tommy chews. He has started to growl at Ruby on occassion (over attention and bones) and I think he is turning on people as well. He pulls more on walks. I have a feeling he is scenting things too… Ruby eats food off the table. She also barks at other dogs (and cats) especially with female dogs. Both are growing quite territorial. They are also trying to get out of the yard now, and each of done so successfully. I am getting very concerned.

Not only that, but I have picked up and smelled more poo than I ever care to see or smell. We have already gone through an entire roll of poo bags, and it has only been one week!! It’s actually starting to make me a bit queazy. Oh, and the dogs have claws… they like to greet, but I have bruises and my clothes show signs of rapid deterioration in shapes of claw marks…

I feel abused! With Herr gone during the days now and the dogs settling in, they are developing bad habits. Just last night I finally got more than five hours of sleep since they arrived. I still feel tired and sore. They are adorable, but these initial weeks are turning out to be as hard as I thought they would be.

Still trying to get pictures in focus. They move a lot. Tommy snores… oh boy does he snore! It’s really funny. Ruby talks. She’ll tell you a whole novel. I’ll try to get some pictures soon, and maybe some video. 😉 Have to convince someone to bring a camera that records video.

I need a vacation from my life!

2 thoughts on “Dog Update Week 1

  1. ooh, Amy, remember its your house. not theirs. Hold your head up high, chest firm. And let them have it. Now is the time.

    Out smart them, set them up. make it your destiny
    The tougher you are now the sooner they will get it. Remember it’ll take at least a few months.

    I really can relate, it sounds like my house. No fun to come home too.

    maybe invest in no jump mussels, that will work for the stealing and jumping.


  2. I found with the barking to distract her.Or, first hold the mussel shut and say quite. get them to learn the word meaning
    I’ve even had to hold her from running from window to window
    Then, each time the barking starts. The loud smack following by a sound like schht (works for her)and the word quite. Shiela uses knaw. Like a momma dog would do. (from the whisper) Eventually schht will work. if theres is persistence, then mussel when not listening

    then I even catch her when shes getting ready to have the need to bark and schht now she whines. I can handle that.

    But don’t let it get out of hand.
    Some say the Whisper is a great way to understand and teach dogs . My opinion, hes okay. but interesting.
    worth a try.

    And to save your work clothes, don’t get dressed till their in their kennels, same when you get home, change your clothed before you let them out. Or if its just to let them out for a potty break slip on an old longsleeve shirt. till they learn to stay down.

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