A Day in the Life…

Saturday was the big furniture shipment day. The movers arrived around 9:30 a.m. The movers behaved oddly, in my opinion, but we eventually got them out. The day will be shown in pictures! So follow along… 😉

The Living Room
The Living Room
The couch comes whole, but the chairs require some assembly. The dogs are good about the new furniture.

The couch and chairs still are covered in case doggies are interested in them, but so far so good.

Testing the Chairs
Herr tests the swivel chairs while petting Ruby.

Ruby Watching
Ruby watches us try out the new chairs.

Tommy eats Plastic
Tommy Hamming it Up
Okay, not eats it, but he chews on it. Anything he can fit in his mouth… *sigh* No, he doesn’t swallow it, or else we wouldn’t let him play with it.

Bookshelves in Boxes
The boxes arrive
Now up to the library. The living room arrangement will have to wait. The library has been acting as a warehouse until now.

Tommy Watches the Construction
Tommy Watching
I constructed a little barricade to keep the dogs out while Herr puts together the most complex bookshelf.

Putting it together
Second shelf up
Shelves are starting to come together. Looking good, Herr!

Ruby Lounges with Me in the Hall
Ruby Waiting
We all watched Herr from the hall. My turn was coming up.

The Library
The Library
Herr built the fourth bookshelf in the hall while I shelved the books. Some sections still need work, but at least they are off the floor!

The Library
The Library
The chairs are in, the carpet is down, now we just need the paintings on the wall! Oh, we are still missing the last bookshelf piece, but looks like we can manage for now. 😉

Oh, Sunday morning the dogs were actually playing together!! This is the first we have seen them do this, so we’re very happy. Up until now, Tommy has been less tolerant of Ruby by growling or stealing attention. They both try to steal attention now, but at least they recognize each other! Yay! 😀 Still having issues with dogs making messes at night, so we’re going to give them longer yard time for the last call of the night. Hopefully I don’t have to clean up poo or pee tomorrow morning. *sigh*

Yay for new furniture though! I’ll take more pictures when we have the living room put together. We have to rearrange and move the temporary furniture out of the way. We have ideas how to arrange it, but we have to try it out now. Time to take the dogs for a walk.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…

  1. Your home is really coming together! It certainly has great windows and light. And what lovely furniture. The puppies are ADORABLE!!!!

  2. Thank you! 🙂 I really like all the light we get. German shutters provide a lot of flexibility too.

    The dogs are cute, but still so much training to do… we’re working on “quiet” now. They have a strong tendency to bark and whine. Spoiled, that’s what they are… yeesh.

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