The weather has been perfect, and will continue to run in the mid 70s throughout the week. Our back yard looks like an oasis, with our land lady’s weeping willow species dangling over the fence, and the fence itself disappearing in green foliage.
Herr has planted several vegetables and flowers that have sprouted up, and we are finding more flowers in the front yard from previous tenants. We have a cluster of rose bushes, and rhododendrons! Herr has taken care of the lawn and gardening, so the place is starting to come together.


Now all we need are some hammocks… I have a three day weekend, so I look forward to taking advantage of the weather! 😀 It’s finally spring!!

2 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. my wall calendar says that monday is “pfingstmontag.” is that close? i’m assuming it’s your three day weekend. what mysterious thing are y’all celebrating over there? are those lilies in your yard? i should post some photos of my dandelions! they are very grand this year:)

  2. Hmm, I haven’t heard of that holiday. We only get U.S. holidays though, so sadly we work the same days as you do. 😛 No, I worked last Sunday, so I get Friday. It’s nice, but I don’t like working Sundays. 😛

    The picture is of rhododendrons in our front yard. They’re already gone (I think they get too much sun), but they’re in bloom all over here! lol And some dandelions too. 😉 We’re getting roses! Should be blooming in the next week. Lots of flowers and plants here. Crazy!

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